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Sylvester Caleb Chinedu.

Sylvester Caleb Chinedu is the founder and CEO of Gmnblog which is the Home of all round information. We Provide the best top notch information about happening arounds the globe ranging from News, Politics, Entertainment, Lifestyle, sports, Nigerian Recipes and lots more on Gmnblog.

His also a professional web designer and has worked for various multi-million dollar companies.

Sylvester Caleb chinedu is fueled by his passion for peace, togetherness and love for people in their various neighborhoods as well as his nuances of cross-cultural advertising. He considers him self a ‘forever student’ eager to both build his academic foundation in Biochemistry and stay tuned with the latest digital marketing strategies through continue course work.

His hunger for knowledge and determination to get true and we’ll detailed information as well as bring about togetherness amongst people.

Sylvester Caleb C. Is currently working as a freelance marketer and is open to any sponsorship on this site to share his vision in the creation of peace and togetherness for a better generation via this blog: GMNBLOG.COM.NG

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